Belshaw TM600 Proofer, 3 Sections

Belshaw TM600 Proofer, 3 Sections

Available quantity:3

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TM600                      ThermoMatic Proofer                                    

·             One (3) section proof box with 36” extensions

·             738active proof baskets, 4” wide x 23” long

·             Full color touch screen PLC controller

·             Each proofer section has independent heat and humidity settings

·             Auto-water fill system (requires filtered water line hook-up responsibility of the buyer’s plumbing contractor)

·             Set for a 39.6 minute proof time @ 110 second fry time, based on 95° to 115° F, 50% to 65% RH

·             Each proofer section includes exhaust system for quick removal of excess heat and humidity

·             Secondary heat supply

·             Special coated wire mesh proofer trays and brush release system, for flourless product release from proofer trays

·             Proofer chain oil system

·             Proofer basket anti-flip device

·             Emergency stop button located at the infeed end of the proofer

·             Proofer Counter – counts proofer baskets with product only

·             Signal cord for the connection to the “Proofer to Fryer” Transfer Conveyor, hard-wire junction box for signal wiring to the fryer (wiring and conduit supply and installation is the responsibility of the buyer’s electrical contractor)

·             Constructed of non-corrosive materials using stainless steel and aluminum (exception – power transmission and electrical components)

208/240or 460/480 Volt, 60 Hz. 3 Phase – MUST be specified at the time order is placed. (Supply of main power to proofer control panel is the responsibility of the buyer’s electrical contractor).