Koenig I Rex Roll Line w/ Proofer, Stamper, Moulder, Seeder and Panner

Koenig I Rex Roll Line w/ Proofer, Stamper, Moulder, Seeder and Panner

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König 6/5/4 row rex with KGV Combiline incl. stamper, long moulder station, seeding station and automatic panner

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Building year line 2007

for Hamburger and Hot Dog and stamped products

Capacity: 6 - rows, 50 strokes/min = 18.000 pieces/h

5 - rows, 50 strokes/min = 15.000 pieces/h

4 - rows, 40 strokes/min = 9.600 pieces/h

consisting of:

1) Large dough hopper TRÖ 240

capacity app. 240 liters dough

automatic oiling of inner surfaces

with plastic coating - repelling dough

3 x 400 V/ 50 Hz

1) Rex Industrie S-II 6/5/4, Modell A

machine capacity continuously adjustable from 10 to 50 strokes

per minute, execution also for filling every second swings at

1) KGV Combi 2000

weight range size approx. 30 - 135 g/depending on dough

6/5/4/3-row operation

reduction of 1-, 2-, and 3 rows

hopper with infeed rollers and star wheels for portioning and safety light barrier

oiling unit for hopper with infeed rollers and dividing hopper

teflon dividing pistons with holes for higher weight accuracy

flour duster above spreading finger belt unit leading to the drum moulder

drum moulder with rounding belt and flour duster followed by chain

with glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP filling ledges)

in total 5 moulding drums for covering the total weight range

spreading finger belt with a nominal length of 1.600 mm

pressure roller mounted above spreading finger belt

fully automated machine operation via servo motors

Siemens Simatic S7-control and Siemens Touch Panel

stainless steel coverings with stainless steel feet and stainless steel

base plate 3 x 400 V/ 50 Hz

1) Pre-prover plant KGV Combi 40/2000/800-DD-K5/4p-VO-SCHN6/B-WDK-RR(800) MO (WB/ST)800-ABI 800(1000)

capacity continuously adjustable up to 40 strokes per minute for Cut rolls

(for other products also possible up to 50 strokes per minute)

also possible to fill second swing

working with 800 mm

in total 400 usable/fillable swings - prover chamber built for 750

usable/fillable swings

first swing outlet onto integrated long rolling unit RR 800 after approx.

120 fillable swings

first outlet can be disconnected

integrated long roller RR 800, working width 800 mm, with bottom belt,

Speed continuously adjustable and top belt, height adjustable, synchronized

re-feed for long rolled dough pieces into swings

another approx. 400 fillable swings leading to the cutting station for cut rolls

integrated cutting device SCHN6/B for cutting the dough pieces directly

in the swings with exchangeable "scalpel" knives and pressure board,

cutting station ca be disengaged

swing discharge, disconnect able, after cutting device onto intermediate belt

first disconnect able outlet onto REGINAMATIK stamping station with

own stamping cups, cross separation 120 mm

- pre-mounted flour duster for dough pieces

- revolver stamping head with the stamping tools K 5(Kaiser rolls)

transfer plate after Reginamatik stamping station, height adjustable (face

down or face up)

outlet conveyor leading to the end of the pre-prover

climatization with heating and wetting controlled via thermostat and hygrostat

sterilization for empty swings via UV cold cathode tubes: stronger than normal

drying zone for empty swings with heating and cross fan

prover in stainless steel execution

1) Forming station WDK-RR 800, building year 2009

nominal width 800 mm

double calibration roller

curling chain belt ( 4 row execution)

driven bottom belt RR

driven top belt RR, speed height adjustable, direction of

rotation reversible

flower duster above top belt

timing roller for row correction with insertable transfer roller

incl. 1 set of guides (4 row execution)

incl. short intermediate belt for speed reduction

stainless steel casing, stainless screw feet

3 x 400 V/ 50 Hz + N + PE

1) Seeder plant MO (WB/ ST) 800, building year 2009

three belt execution

working width 800 mm

spraying unit for first grid belt for additional wetting from top

second grid belt with mounted strewing device

second grid belt is height adjustable to turn the dough pieces to the

third grid belt

exchangeable strewing boxes:

- 1 x strewing box for fine strewing goods (sesame, poppy)

1 pcs. plastic belt manually exchangeable against grid belt -

whole belt is mounted on wheels

with 2 pcs. vibration chutes for discharging the excess strewing material

automatic refilling of excess surplus strewing goods to the 1 strewing

boxes by means of oscillating chute and vacuum unit

wire belt module exchangeable with a conveyor belt - also on a mobile frame

easy cleaning due to optimized accessibility of all parts which are in touch with dough

completely made of stainless steel

3 x 400V/ 50 Hz

1) Retracting unit type Industrie ABI 800 / (1000)

working width 800 mm

retracting length adjustable up to max. 1.000 mm

step lengthwise continuously adjustable, batchwise setting possible

stainless steel coverings